(231b) Natural Gas Desulfurization for Fuel Cell Applications by Adsorption

Alptekin, G. O., TDA Research, Inc.
Jayaraman, A., TDA Research, Inc
Dubovik, M., TDA Research Inc.
Schaefer, M., TDA Research Inc.
Amalfitano, R., TDA Research Inc.
Ware, M., TDA Research Inc.
Bradley, K., TDA Research Inc.

The effective utilization of natural gas in fuel cell applications requires removal of odorants (sulfur compounds) to below 0.2 ppm. Adsorption is a promising technology for accomplishing such low levels of sulfur in natural gas. TDA has developed the SulfaTrapTM series of sorbents that are tailored for natural gas desulfurization, and has been carrying out field demonstrations with fuel cell developers. It is important to realize that pipeline natural gas usually has few ppm to few hundred ppm of moisture, and this has an impact on adsorptive desulfurization. Water either competes for adsorption sites or may induce side reactions depending on the odorant. Removal of various sulfur species from natural gas by TDA's SulfaTrapTM will be discussed in this paper.


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