(207g) Functionalized Ionic Liquids and Zwitterionic Compounds as Electrolyte Additives for Lithium Batteries

Nguyen, D. Q., Korea Institute of Science & Technology
Bae, H. W., Kyung Hee University
Kim, H. S., Kyung Hee University
Lee, H., Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Kim, H., Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Different types of ionic liquids and zwitterionic compounds containing carbonyl-functional groups were prepared and their electrochemical properties were investigated. FT-IR study clearly demonstrates that they are able to interact with Li+ ions through their carbonyl groups, which helps the electrochemical properties enhance. In addition, comparing with the cases of their corresponding alkyl-substituted relatives, their C-rate performance was much better upon their addition to to a non-aqueous electrolyte containing LiPF6, implying the positive role of the ester functional groups.