(207e) Preparation of Thin Ysz Electrolyte by Electrostatic Spray Deposition for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Kim, J., University of Cincinnati
Kwon, H. T., Kyung Hee University
Kwon, B., Kyung Hee University

Solid oxide fuel cell is one of the most competitive candidates for energy generation. However, it requires high operating temperature (> 800°) to obtain proper ionic conductivity of the YSZ electrolyte. The operating temperature can be lowered by reducing the thickness of the electrolyte. In this research, we prepared thin YSZ electrolyte by ESD technique. Electrostatic spray showed a few modes such as dripping, con-jet and multi-jet mode, depending on the applied voltage. SEM image confirmed that dense YSZ layer (10~20 µ) was formed on NiO-YSZ anode after annealing at 1500° for 3h. A single cell was prepared by screen printing LSCF layer on the electrospray-deposited YSZ/NiO-YSZ sample. The cell test was performed in the temperature range of 500~800°.