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(101e) Continuous Production of Nadph with Malic Enzyme in Micro Scale

The reduced cofactor NADPH is an all-purpose redox equivalent for biological systems. NADPH is used in a number of applications as redox equivalent for enzymatic reduction in synthesis as well as enzyme based sensors, and as food additive. Also the production of NADPH from NADP+ leads to an enhancement in value by the factor of 5.

Malic enzyme can be applied successfully for reductive cofactor regeneration.[1,2] For the cell free reductive production we found malic enzyme to be superior to existing systems as formate dehydrogenase and glucose dehydrogenase. A study for production of NADPH was carried out in the micro-enzyme-membrane reactor.[3,4] This reactor was realised with a volume of less than 200µL. That allows evaluation of continuous conditions at early stage process development and also production of the exact amount of cofactor that is needed. We will present results regarding process stability and productivity of this novel enzyme for the continuous on-demand production of NADPH.

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