(85a) Industry-Government Alliances Share Information to Help Prevent Workplace Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities

Berger, S. - Presenter, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Jillings, L. A. - Presenter, Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Since 2002, OSHA has been establishing Alliances with corporations, organizations, and others to develop publicly-available safety and health tools through the OSHA Web site and in public venues. Existing Alliances address a wide range of occupations, specific safety competencies, and general industry concerns. Since 2003, AIChE has been a signatory of an Alliance to raise awareness of chemical reactivity hazards. The OSHA and Chemical Reactivity Hazards Management Alliance has provided input into the development of an OSHA Safety and Health Topics page on Chemical Reactivity Hazards that provides useful references and tools from AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety and other Alliance signatories. This paper describes the OSHA and Chemical Reactivity Hazards Management Alliance-developed resources, and highlights other compliance assistance materials of interest to practicing safety and health professionals in the chemical and petroleum industries.