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(78b) High Capacity Tray Revamp of a C2 Splitter


Summers, D. R. - Presenter, Sulzer Chemtech USA, Inc.
Bernard, A. - Presenter, NOVA Chemicals (Canada) Ltd.
De Villiers, W. E. - Presenter, Shell Projects and Technology (US)

The NOVA Chemicals (Canada) Ltd. complex located in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada was recently revamped in 2005 to improve the C2 Splitter tower performance. After careful examination of the existing design, desired operation, and future capacity, HiFi? trays were chosen to replace the old trays. An unusual approach was taken to achieve desired performance. Trays were replaced at larger tray spacings with fewer trays. An increase in tray efficiency was expected and required to achieve the overall performance that was desired after the revamp. After a successful installation, the unit was restarted in late 2005 and desired performance was achieved.

This paper will present the actual operating information for this tower so that others may evaluate the performance, capacity and efficiency of the HiFi tray in C2 Splitter Service.


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