(123e) Analyzing Ruptured Pipe Failures | AIChE

(123e) Analyzing Ruptured Pipe Failures


Morimoto, M. - Presenter, Shell Global Solutions
Berg, S. S. - Presenter, Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
Hampton, D. A. - Presenter, Shell Global Solutions
Worstell, J. H. - Presenter, Shell Chemical Company

Ruptured pipes in a chemical processing plant constitute a major safety and environmental hazard. Each such rupture must be analyzed for * why it happened; * how it happened; * can it happen again; * can it happen elsewhere in the plant. Such an investigation involves more than plant personnel. To thoroughly understand a given pipe rupture, metallurgists, process engineers, process chemists, process hazards analysts, and many others must be included in the investigation. This paper discusses a typical pipe rupture with respect to the organization required to investigate such an incident.