(108a) Flare Systems Design for LNG Facilities | AIChE

(108a) Flare Systems Design for LNG Facilities


Bevilacqua, T. J. - Presenter, Siemens Oil, Gas, and Marine

Liquefied Natural Gas is playing an increasingly important role in satisfying the world's energy needs. The importance of a thorough design of the flare system is no different for facilities in this growing segment than for those in any other niche of the hydrocarbon processing industry. In light of the major growth of this sector, however, a careful reconsideration of the key design concepts for flare systems and the application of these concepts to facilities for both the production and regasification of LNG seems appropriate. This paper presents a brief review of the topics that are central to the design of process facility flare systems, including identification of all credible design scenarios, due consideration of all components of the system (discharge piping, headers, separation equipment, flare stacks, seals, flare tips), and thorough evaluation of all relevant design criteria. The paper then proceeds to apply these topics to generic examples of the two types of facilities at the heart of the LNG business ? the LNG production facility and the LNG regasification facility.