Communition, Attrition and Agglomeration In Granular Flows I | AIChE

Communition, Attrition and Agglomeration In Granular Flows I


Litster, J. D., Purdue University


Theuerkauf, J., The Dow Chemical Co.

The session will focus on understanding and predicting granular systems in the areas of comminution and agglomeration. For agglomeration the formulation of larger granules from individual particles with and without a binder, as well as the fragmentation due to impact fracture/breakage of agglomerates in granular flow is discussed. To better understand energy consumption and grinding mechanisms in comminution machines e.g. in ball mills, simulations, based on granular flow, can be used to describe attrition and grinding processes. Papers in the above mentioned areas, which are theoretical, numerical or experimental, are requested for this session. Papers which link processes at more than one length scales (single particle, particle population, unit operation, whole process plant ...) are particularly encouraged.



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