(99g) Novel Thermal Swing Sorption Enhanced Reaction (Tsser) Process Concept for Hydrogen Production

Caram, H. S., Lehigh University
Verdooren, A., Lehigh University
Sircar, S., Lehigh University

A novel thermal swing sorption enhanced reaction (TSSER) concept is being developed for direct production of essentially carbon oxide free hydrogen by low temperature (~400- 450 C) steam-methane reforming (SMR). The concept removes the reaction by- product, CO2, from the reaction zone of the reactor by a CO2 selective chemisorbent (K2CO3 promoted hydrotalcite). This paper describes the CO2 sorption equilibria on the chemisorbent at different temperatures, characterisitics of the CO2 mass transfer zones on the chemisorbent column under various operating conditions, and the isothermal as well as thermal desorption characteristics of CO2 from the chemisorbent. Column dynamic and gravimetric sorption methods are used to generate the data. Appropriate thermodynamic and kinetic models are used to describe the data. The possible mechanism of the surface reactions leading to the chemisorption of CO2 based on surface analysis by Raman spectroscopy is discussed.