(95a) Hestia Distributed Hydrogen Generator

Woods, R. R. - Presenter, Intelligent Energy
DuraiSwamy, K. - Presenter, Intelligent Energy, Inc
Porter, B. - Presenter, Intelligent Energy
Burford, H. - Presenter, Intelligent Energy

Hestia Hydrogen Generator - a compact steam reformer integrated with a mini-PSA hydrogen separator- has been demonstrated at 7 cubic meter/hour capacity for "medium heavy" liquid fuels such as diesel by Intelligent Energy. Our H2 generator has a simpler H2 purification component, namely a mini-PSA, a fast and compact pressure swing adsorber. This H2-generator has been integrated to a fuel cell. IE fed the Hestia-produced hydrogen to IE's PEM fuel cells producing electric power that was fed to the utility grid via inverters that were designed for solar photovoltaic power generation during the day. This paper presents the results from this demonstration tests.


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