(83e) Characterising the Pulsatile Structure of the Gas Flow in Fluidised Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying of Cement Meal

Williams, K. C. - Presenter, The University of Newcastle
Jones, M. G. - Presenter, The University of Newcastle
Tan, S. - Presenter, The University of Newcastle

Flow visualisation utilising high speed photography has shown pulsatile flow behaviour of cement meal during fluidised dense phase (partially filled pipe) pneumatic conveying. During each individual pulsatile event (or transient), an impulse has been observed which is characterised by a sudden increase in material velocity and bed height, which subsequently decays to lower material velocity and bed height. Observation of the material impulse also indicates that the conveying gas aerates the material and is associated with fluctuations in gas pressure. This paper is focussed on the structure of the pulsatile behaviour of the gas fluctuations and the relationship of this structure with different conveying conditions.


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