(65f) Sustainability in Engineering Education at Rowan University

Jahan, K. - Presenter, Rowan University
Savelski, M. - Presenter, Rowan University
Hesketh, R. P. - Presenter, Rowan University

This presentation will give the College of Engineering's efforts to incorporate aspects of sustainability into the curriculum. Our ultimate goal is to create teaching modules that focus on the concept of sustainable development for infrastructure, chemical, electrical, mechanical and environmental systems. Sustainable in a broad sense indicates technologies that are low cost, easy to maintain and minimize adverse environmental impacts.

In brief our activities are focused in Freshman Engineering Clinic - Introduction of Sustainability module Sophomore Engineering Clinic - Life Cycle Assessment in Design Green Engineering Modules in the chemical engineering curriculum Environmental Engineering courses taught to all disciplines as electives Environmental Engineering courses taught to civil engineers Undergraduate Research Initiatives in Sustainability - REU-NSF program