(237a) Transversal Dispersion of Granular Material on Vibrating Conveyor

Grochowski, R., University of Dortmund
Walzel, P., University of Dortmund

Applied for years, vibratory conveyors are well established in many industrial processes. Despite frequent use their design is still mostly based on practical experiences. A prototype apparatus was specially developed to perform the experiments within a large range of adjustable parameters. Detailed investigations of the transport properties of coarse sand layers in the size range of 0.2 y remained constant. In other words, the points representing the growth of the mixing layer thickness collapsed on the same curve. The mixing was found to be distinctly depending on h*, increasing h*>1 (i.e. the trough fully covered by particles) strongly reduces the dispersion phenomenon.

[1] R. Grochowski, P. Walzel, M. Rouijaa, C. A. Krülle, I. Rehberg, Reversing granular flow on a vibratory conveyor, Appl. Phys. Lett. 84 (2004) 1019

[2] R. Grochowski, P. Walzel, Dispersion of Granular Material on a Vibrating Conveyor, Chem.-Ing.-Tech. 77 (2005) 1020

[3] S.S Hsiau and M.L Hunt, Shear-induced particle diffusion and longitudinal velocity fluctuations in a granular-flow mixing layer, J. Fluid Mech. 251 (1993) pp. 299-313


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