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(107a) Furnace Light-off Workshop


Bailey, A. - Presenter, Shell Chemical Company
Bowen, J. - Presenter, Dow Chemical Company
Jordan, M. - Presenter, Eastman Chemical Co.

Workshop Abstract: The ethylene industry is committed to achieving the highest levels of safety in our plant operations. Within the realm of ethylene furnace operations, one of the most important issues is that of furnace burner light-off and furnace burner flame-out prevention / detection, due to potential for a light-off or flame-out incident to escalate to a firebox explosion. Since the early 1990's significant changes have occurred in burner technology, flame detection technology, and in the requirements for safety instrumented systems. As a result of these changes, many companies are reviewing their burner light-off and flame-out protection/detection strategies for ethylene furnaces.

For these reasons, a workshop will be held covering, on a non-confidential basis, approaches to ethylene furnace burner light-off and flame-out protection / detection. The workshop will consist of a 25 minute presentation of current practices and engineering company recommendations followed by an open discussion of the strategies, issues, etc.. Information includes:

o Furnace light-off strategy o Furnace flame detection instrumentation o Furnace permissives, alarms, and trip systems related to light-off / flame-out