Theory, Modeling, and Simulation of Materials in Fusion Plasma | AIChE

Theory, Modeling, and Simulation of Materials in Fusion Plasma



Westesen, A., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

This session will focus on the broad crosscutting area of nuclear and chemical engineering as applied to the nuclear fuel cycle. Examples of general interest: aqueous nuclear fuel reprocessing, pyroprocessing, auxiliary processes, emissions, nuclear and radiochemical materials facilities, conversion, advanced nuclear reactors (fission or fusion), waste forms, repositories, and nuclear fuel behavior. Also of interest is the fundamental research enabling the aforementioned areas, such as nuclear fuel dissolution, voloxidation, solvent extraction, ion exchange, adsorption, distillation, filtration, absorption, crystallization, evaporation, condensation, membrane permeation, chemical design, synthesis, and characterization. Developments in the levels of theory ranging from plant scale to continuum to atomistic used for non-equilibrium processes are encouraged to be submitted.



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