Foreign Species and Crystallization: Impurity Rejection, Additives, Dopants, etc. | AIChE

Foreign Species and Crystallization: Impurity Rejection, Additives, Dopants, etc.


Capellades, G., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Stelzer, T., Crystallization Design Institute
Sirota, E., Merck & Co.

Solution and melt crystallization often involve complex mixtures beyond a single solute and solvent system. In these non-ideal systems, even traces of foreign species can have a significant impact on solubility, nucleation, and crystal growth. Similarly, purification is one of the main goals of crystallization processes, but the mechanisms for impurity retention are poorly understood. This session welcomes work dealing with the interplay between foreign species and crystallization. Submissions describing the purging of process impurities during industrial crystallization, novel diagnostics for impurity retention mechanisms, the role of additives or process impurities on solubility and kinetics, and crystal engineering strategies involving the introduction of foreign species in the crystallization process (e.g. nucleation or growth inhibitors, habit modifiers…) are highly encouraged.



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