Structured Adsorbents: Beyond Pellets and Beads | AIChE

Structured Adsorbents: Beyond Pellets and Beads


Ebner, A. D., University of South Carolina


Denayer, J., Vrije Universiteit Brussel

This session presents the most recent advances in the development of structured adsorbents. Structured adsorbents offer various advantages over traditional shaped bodies like extrudates and beads, including lower pressure drop, faster mass transfer, better control of flow and thermal properties. These advantages, in turn, enable system improvements, such as faster cycling, fluidization resistance, etc. This session covers (but is not limited to): monoliths, laminates, adsorbent coatings, 3D-printed structures, hierarchical materials, advanced hybrid materials, and structured adsorbents with integrated functionality such as adsorption, heat exchange, electrical conductivity. Design and preparation of such advanced materials, their adsorptive characterisation, testing, and modelling are within the scope of this session.



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