Nanotechnology and 3D Printing: The Intertwined Technologies | AIChE

Nanotechnology and 3D Printing: The Intertwined Technologies


Wang, C. H., National University of Singapore


Davoodi, P., University of Cambridge
Huang, Y. Y. S., University of Cambridge

The rapid development of 3D printing and nanotechnology has attracted considerable attention for the production of fine-tuned and complicated structures, medical implants, electronics, etc. These emerging technologies have revolutionized the old-fashioned fabrication techniques through the precise deposition of materials in a customized geometry at the nanoscale and adding unique physiochemical and mechanical features to new products. While still in development, combining nanotechnology with 3D printing requires further improvements in terms of materials and processing techniques. Therefore, this session will focus on the interface of nanotechnology and 3D printing and will cover the most recent advancements in process and material developments and their applications in different fields including but not limited to biomedicine, bio-interface, and electronics. Join us for a highly interdisciplinary session!



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