Gene Regulation Engineering: Applications in Medicine and Biotechnology

Sun, Q., Texas A&M University
Bleris, L., The University of Texas at Dallas
Sandoval, N. R., Tulane University
Solomon, K. V., Purdue University
Jones, J. A., Miami University
Jain, P., University of Florida
Keung, A., North Carolina State University
Rollin, J., National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Galloway, K. E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Synthetic Biology uses engineering principles and the interchangeablity of genetic networks to construct biological systems with unique and useful properties to solve relevant societal problems. Sessions in Synthetic Biology and Applications will highlight emerging tools and methods to construct increasingly complex systems with predictable behaviors. Topics include, but are not limited to: genetic circuit design and validation, computational approaches, biomolecular breadboarding, cell-cell communication, RNA stability and processing, and quantitative methods to design, construct, and analyze biosynthetic systems.



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