(94b) Quantum-on-Demand Biofabrication of 3D Tissue Test Systems | AIChE

(94b) Quantum-on-Demand Biofabrication of 3D Tissue Test Systems


Burg, K. - Presenter, University of Georgia
Scientific modeling can be used to conceptualize, test, understand, and direct complex natural systems. The ability to create accurate models of three-dimensional (3D), functioning tissues is a growing reality. Benchtop tissue models, i.e. tissue test systems, have many potential advantages over current modeling technologies, including two-dimensional (2D) cell culture and animal models, for biomedical research. Three-dimensional fabricated tissues are more representative of natural tissues than 2D cell cultures, are easier to control, replicate, and discern than animal models, and are potentially a cost saving for biomedical research. Quantum-on-demand biofabrication, i.e. the deposition of biomaterials such as cells and granules in a specific quantity at a specific location, offers control over cell distribution, biomolecule deposition, and biomaterial geometries and surfaces. Tissue models can be used to investigate tissue function and disease progression, discover new pharmaceuticals, teach, and personalize treatments for patients.