(80f) High-Fidelity Modeling and Optimization of Natural Gas Dehydration and Liquid Recovery Plants

Berrouk, A. S., Petroleum Institute
Satyadileep, D., Petroleum institute
Al Wahedi, Y., Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Leyland, S., Process Systems Enterprise Inc
This study presents the simulation and optimization analysis of a commercial natural gas dehydration and liquids recovery plant based in the region of Abu Dhabi, UAE. gPROMS process builder, an advanced modeling tool based on equation oriented approach, is employed for modelling the gas plant system. In this work, we developed a dynamic model for the gas dehydration system and a steady state model for the natural gas liquids recovery system.

We first show the comprehensive data reconciliation and models’ validation performed to ensure that the models’ predictions match the real plant behaviour. We then present how the advanced optimization features result in the best operational strategies for the natural gas liquids recovery system. We also show the optimization analysis carried out for maximizing the adsorption cycle time for the dehydration unit while minimizing the total heating duty required for the regeneration of the molecular sieve beds.

The optimization analysis has led to an estimated increase in annual net revenue of natural gas liquid recovery unit by 6 MM USD as a result of maximized liquid hydrocarbon production and lower operating costs related to steam and refrigeration.