(766b) Recent Insights into Electrocatalytic Reactions Under Exotic Conditions | AIChE

(766b) Recent Insights into Electrocatalytic Reactions Under Exotic Conditions


McKone, J. R. - Presenter, University of Pittsburgh
Sawant, T., University of Pittsburgh
Patil, R., University of Pittsburgh
Miu, E., University of Pittsburgh
Miller, D., University of Pittsburgh
Our research group at the University of Pittsburgh is carrying out application-inspired basic research in electrochemistry and materials chemistry oriented toward sustainability in the energy and chemical sectors. This presentation will summarize ongoing work in our lab on electrocatalysis in three topic areas that are conceptually linked by the use of nontraditional reaction conditions. The first involves assessing and improving electroanalytical methods for precise kinetics measurements in redox flow batteries, which present a challenge due to their unique operating environments comprising high electrolyte concentration. The second is catalyst design for reversible hydrogen evolution/oxidation in alkaline solution, where recent results have suggested known nonprecious catalysts may be more catalytically active than previously reported. The third comprises fundamental studies at the disciplinary boundary between thermal and electrochemical catalysis, with an eye toward novel intensified reactor schemes.