(755g) Cu- and Co-Based Catalysts for CO and C3H6 Oxidation in Diesel Exhaust | AIChE

(755g) Cu- and Co-Based Catalysts for CO and C3H6 Oxidation in Diesel Exhaust


Li, Z. - Presenter, University of Michigan
Schwank, J., University of Michigan
Geng, Y., University of Michigan
Chen, X., University of Michigan
In recent years, diesel engines have been used to satisfy the transportation and economic demand. However, with low-temperature combustion, some diesel engines emit a large amount of CO and C3H6. Therefore, diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) have been investigated and applied to oxidize CO and C3H6. Typically, DOCs containing Pt and Pd have good performance for oxidizing CO and hydrocarbons, but noble metals are expensive and sensitive to surface poisoning. As a result, less expensive transition metals with abundant amount are another choice. Under mixed feed condition, light-off temperature of both CO and C3H6 decreases with the increasing ratio of Co: Cu on bimetallic catalyst Co-Cu/CeO2. To learn the mechanism of interaction between Cu and Co or with CeO2, monometallic catalysts of Cu/CeO2 and Co/CeO2 are also investigated with the same feeding condition as for bimetallic catalysts. Additionally, single feed gas with CO or C3H6 only is also fed to transition metal DOCs to learn whether there is any inhibition on CO oxidation by C3H6. DRIFTS and BET are applied to identify intermediates during the catalytic reactions with different temperature and surface area of DOCs, respectively.