(744c) Sustainability Metrics for Managing and Processing Food Wastes

Gutierrez, M., Kansas State University
Erickson, L., Kansas State University
Castro, S., Kansas State University
Liu, B., Kansas State University
Food waste is a significant issue in the United States and globally. About 1/3 of the quantity of biomass that is produced to provide food is not consumed as food. This work addresses sustainability metrics related to the management and processing of food wastes. Food wastes may be used as raw materials to produce ethanol, biodiesel, methane, and fertilizer. Some are used as animal feed. Waste management options include incineration wastewater treatment, landfill disposal, and composting. Sustainability metrics include cost/income energy, carbon dioxide emissions, methane emissions, risk, and nutritional value. Waste minimization options are important as well. Several management options will be considered


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