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(6p) Electrochemistry Enabling New Frontiers in Biomaterials Engineering


Jamali, S. - Presenter, University of Wollongong

Electrochemistry enabling new frontiers in biomaterials

Sina Jamali

Mechanical, Materials,
Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering, University of Wollongong, Australia

Research Interests:

Owing to a multi-disciplinary research
and education background and completion of two PhDs in UK and Australia, my
broad research interests are in areas of polymeric materials, biomedical
engineering, electrochemical sensing, and surface engineering. In particular, I
am fascinated by the application of electrochemistry in studying how biomaterials
interact with a biological system or how cells and organs operate and
communicate in the body. Understanding the physiological
processes and chemical interactions at the cellular level is the gateway to future
medical advancements, such as improving on the functionalities of biomedical
implants, designing more effective drugs and drug delivery systems or new
frontiers in regenerative medicine.

As a doctoral
student and a postdoctoral research fellow, I have implemented advanced
electrochemical techniques in the field of biomedical engineering and materials
for in vitro detection and interactive mapping of analytes, for
characterization of electro-active interfaces with the purpose of neural cells
growth stimulation and for degradation monitoring of biomedical implant
materials and functional surface coatings. I also pioneered a method for
detection and mapping of hydrogen on surfaces through electro-oxidation of
hydrogen which has been widely adopted by others and applied to hydrogen
sensing in simulated physiological systems as well as energy devices.

The ultimate aim
of my research is to advance a versatile platform for highly sensitive
electrochemical bio-sensing, from data acquisition to signal processing, that
can be adapted to monitor biochemical processes In Vitro and In Vivo in a
variety of applications. Electro-active sensors can be used in monitoring
electrically signalling disorders and analytes in a metabolic system while
applications in the field of targeted drug delivery are endless. With the
ever-growing market of biomedical implants, the tremendous projected investment
by the government and industry in this sector and the demand for advanced
multi-functional medical implants, my research will make a tangible
contribution toward such advancements.

A review of my
recent works (summarized in the image below) on chemically and
electrochemically interactive characterization of biomaterials in vitro will be
the focus of my oral presentations at this meeting.



Teaching Interests:

I am passionate
about teaching a variety of courses as a faculty member, in particular, General
and Organic Chemistry, Surface and Interface Sciences, Electrochemistry,
Biomaterials, Wear and Degradation, and Polymer Science and Engineering. I have
been teaching Surface Engineering as well as Wear and Degradation subjects at
the undergraduate and graduate levels which also involved curriculum
development and gained me outstanding teaching evaluation records. As a passionate
public speaker, I value practical and engaging communication of science in the
classroom. I exploit techniques such as experimental demonstrations (where safe
and applicable), interactive online lecture contents, field trips and lab
visits, guest lectures, and more, to engage students with the content and
deliver an effective subject.



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