(6dg) Electrocatalysts and Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Vapor-Phase Carbon Dioxide Electrolyzers and Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Lee, D. U., Stanford University
Hahn, C., Stanford University
Jaramillo, T. F., Stanford University
Koshy, D., Stanford University
Abiose, K., Stanford University
Corral, D., Stanford University
Postdoctoral Research:

Sept. 2019 – Present, Stanford University, Chemical Engineering, CA USA

Advisor: Thomas Jaramillo, Fritz Prinz


(1) Development of electrocatalysts and gas diffusion electrodes for vapor-fed carbon dioxide reduction electrolyzers.

(2) Development of gas diffusion electrodes for hydrogen fuel cells using atomic layer deposition.

Ph.D. Research:

2011-2017, University of Waterloo, Chemical Engineering, ON Canada

Advisor: Zhongwei Chen

Thesis: Development of novel nanostructured bi-functional catalysts and design of advanced electrodes for rechargeable metal-air batteries

Funding Proposals:

  • (Co-writer) Agency: Ontario Centres for Excellence (OCE), Title: Advanced Rechargeable Aqueous Lithium-ion Zinc Flow Battery
  • (Co-writer) Agency: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) – Strategic Project Grants, Title: Ionic Liquids as Electrolytes for Supercapacitors and Metal-air Batteries
  • (Co-writer) Agency: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) - CRD, Title: Production Scale-up and Optimization of Core-Corona Structured Bifunctional Catalysts for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery

Research Interest:

My broad research interest includes development of electrochemical energy systems and understanding the factors that govern their performance. My two current thrusts are (1) development of catalyst and gas diffusion electrode systems for vapor-fed carbon dioxide electrolyzers for energy and fuel generation, and (2) precious and non-precious metal catalyst design and testing for hydrogen fuel cells.

To perform the above research in a systematic manner and gain as much insight as possible, I plan to divide my research into following multi-disciplines: (1) Understanding phenomena at gas diffusion electrodes, (2) electrode engineering, (3) device integration, (4) catalyst/electrode characterization, (5) novel electrode designs and fabrication, and (6) in-situ, -operando studies.

Teaching Interest:

I am prepared to teach both fundamental undergraduate and advanced graduate level courses in the field of chemical engineering, and materials sciences and engineering. Based on my undergraduate training in Nanotechnology Engineering (U. of Waterloo), I plan to design new courses with emphasis on multi-disciplinary science, such as (1) structures and properties of nanomaterials, (2) physicochemical characterization of nanomaterials, and (3) materials for energy applications.

Publications (5 selected out of 42):

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Patents (2 selected out of 4):

  • Lee, D. U., and Chen, Z. W. (2016) Single layer air electrode and processes for the production thereof. US 2016/0322645 A1
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