(658c) Identification of Optimum Coal Byproducts for Recovery of Rare Earths

Granite, E. J. - Presenter, United States Department of Energy
Burgess, W. A., National Energy Technology Laboratory
Keller, M. J., US DOE/NETL
Kim, D., National Energy Technology Laboratory/LRST
Chiu, G., NETL

The United States has the world’s largest coal reserves. The lanthanides can be valuable products from abundant domestic coal and coal byproducts. There are numerous coal and coal byproduct resources, including coals, bottom ash, fly ash, coal preparation materials, miming wastes, and stored or ponded ashes. The characteristics that define the best resources, including availability; abundance; concentration of the rare earths and other critical elements; ease of extraction; production of co-products; and co-benefits such as environmental remediation, location, and transportation will be outlined, and a first attempt at identification of the best domestic coal and byproducts for recovery of the lanthanides will be made.


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