(595g) Cation Conduction in Nanostructured Side-Chain Ionomers

Schaefer, J., University of Notre Dame
Liu, J., University of Notre Dame
Solvent-free polymer electrolytes have long been sought after for use in rechargeable batteries. The ideal electrolyte would have high ionic conductivity, a high active ion transference number, a wide electrochemical stability window, and chemical stability with the electrodes of interest. Poly(ethylene oxide)-based electrolytes have historically received the most research attention despite cation conduction rates being highly dependent on chain segmental motion. Here we report on non-polyether, cation conducting, polyanion-based electrolytes. Single-ion conducting, side-chain polymer electrolytes are investigated wherein lithium conduction occurs in ionic domains or aggregates. The effect of polymer design and tethered anion chemistry on phase segregation and lithium transport will be discussed.