(590c) Dynamic Adsorption of Ions into like-Charged Nanoslits

Zhao, S. - Presenter, East China University of Science and Technology
Qing, L., East China University of Science and Technology
The adsorption processes of ions into charged nano-space are associated with many practical applications. Whereas a large number of microporous materials have been prepared towards efficient adsorption of ions from solutions, theoretical models that allow for capturing the characteristics of ion dynamic adsorption into like-charged nanopores are still few. The difficulty originates from the overlapping of electric potentials inside the pores.

Herein, a theoretical model is proposed by incorporating dynamic density functional theory (DDFT) with modified Poisson equation for investigating the dynamic adsorption of ions into like-charged nanoslits. This model is rationalized by comparing the theoretical predictions with corresponding simulation results. Afterwards, by analysing the adsorption dynamics we show that the overlapping effect is associated with the pore size, ion bulk concentration and surface charge density, and it plays a dominant role in the coupling between the total adsorption amount of ions and total adsorption time. Specifically, with weak overlapping effect the total adsorption amount is intuitively proportional to the total adsorption time; however, when the overlapping effect is strong the total adsorption amount may be inversely proportional to the total adsorption time, indicating both high adsorption amount and short adsorption time can be achieved simultaneously.

This work provides meaningful insight towards the rational design and optimization of microporous materials for efficient ion adsorption.