(589a) Establishing a Learning Assistant (Peer Leader) Training Program | AIChE

(589a) Establishing a Learning Assistant (Peer Leader) Training Program


Pettit, S. - Presenter, University of South Florida
Skinner, M., University of South Florida
Do you ever feel like there is not enough of you to go around? As course enrollments continue to grow, it can become more difficult to utilize active engagement techniques. If only you had a Learning Assistant (LA)! LAs, also called Peer Leaders, are undergraduate students who facilitate group discussions, guide problem solving, and encourage active engagement in classroom settings. To accomplish this, they typically receive specialized training through a pedagogy course. This session will describe a number of program models (for credit versus for pay), will summarize key research citing the benefits for students and LAs, and will present topical areas for training and development. Finally, we will explore resources available for course content, including building confidence and rapport, utilizing questioning strategies, facilitating group work, and the benefits of self-assessment and reflection.