(587i) Techno-Economic Analysis of Septic Tank Waste Treatment in a Centralized Hydrothermal Treatment Facility

McGaughy, K., Ohio University
Saba, A., Ohio University
Saha, N., Ohio University
Reza, M. T., Ohio University
Hydrothermal treatment, a thermochemical conversion process that is particularly useful for wet wastes, of septage produces valuable solid and liquid fertilizers while eliminating human pathogens. Additionally, it treats a problematic waste that is a burden for most traditional waste water treatment facilities. Operation of a centralized treatment facility would augment an area’s capacity to utilize the nutrients and valuable products available in septage while also mitigating its potential environmental hazards. This facility would be alternative to landfilling, which can be detrimental to public waterways, or treatment at a traditional waste water plant. This analysis investigates the most important factors for an economically feasible facility that both treats septic tank waste and produces fertilizer products. The environmental impact of the plant is also compared to the standard methods of septage treatment.