(564h) CFD Study of Water Spray Cooling System for Refinery Process | AIChE

(564h) CFD Study of Water Spray Cooling System for Refinery Process


Roh, J. - Presenter, Yonsei University
Kim, J., Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Moon, I., Yonsei University
Lee, M. S., Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
This study focuses on the optimization of water spray cooling system used for air the cooling system of a commercial refinery company by both experiments and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The cooling performance of air cooling system used to decrease in summer because of increase in the atmospheric temperature. But the air cooling system with water spray could effectively maintain its cooling performance using high sensible and latent heat of water. Although water spray cooling system has higher performance than air cooling system, the system could be corroded if the water mist dose not evaporate. It is necessary to optimize the water spray conditions so that the water used is little enough to be evaporated.

The CFD simulation study of air cooling system using horizontal type water spray has been analyzed through various studies. The vertical type spray, which is also used in this study, has originality of research owing to the rarity. Main parameters of study were spray angle, rotation speed of fan, water quantity, spray type, and droplet size. Finally, an optimized water spray cooling system that has the best cooling performance without corrosion could be designed.