(563l) Ceria-Lanthanide-Silver Oxides for Solar Thermochemical Conversion of CO2 | AIChE

(563l) Ceria-Lanthanide-Silver Oxides for Solar Thermochemical Conversion of CO2


Bhosale, R. - Presenter, Qatar University
Takalkar, G., Qatar University
Rashid, S., Qatar University
Global Warming and environment distresses due to increases in CO2 emission generated more interest towards CO production and further value added chemical liquids. In this paper, two step redox thermochemical thermal reduction (TR) and CO2 splitting (CS) was performed over doped ceria by combination of two metal cations namely Ag and Ln (where, Ln =La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb, Dy, Er). Ce0.9Ln0.05Ag0.05O2-δ material was prepared via co-precipitation of hydroxide method with 30% aqueous NH3. The power XRD and SEM of prepared nanoparticle Ce0.9Ln0.05Ag0.05O2-δ were performed after calcination. In comparison to pure CeO2 and Ce0.9Ln0.1O2-δ, investigated Ce0.9Ln0.05Ag0.05O2-δ during both TR at 1400°C and CS at 1000°C showed with enhanced redox performance ( , ) with the inclusion of noble metal Ag+2 cation as third dopant.


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