(562v) High-Intensity Narrow-Wavelength (Hi-NW) Light-Based Technology for Disinfection of Mdro in Environment

Zhan, N. - Presenter, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Song, J. - Presenter, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Yeung, K. L., The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are becoming important causes of mortality and morbidity in hospitals. Multi-drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) cause the majority of nonsocial infections. Hi-NW light-based Technology provides an alternative technology, which is safe and effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms without the emergence of microbial resistance. This technology based on the combined use of focused LED lighting sources to assemble a light array to target multiple sites within the microbe for rapid in decontamination of MDROs commonly found in hospital environments. Multiple cellular targets and different inactivation pathways ensure that microbial tolerance and resistance are avoided. High intensity 405nm, 470nm and 275nm LED are employed and assembled into 3*3 LED array. The bactericidal rate of E.coli, P.aeruginosa, S.aures and E.faecalis., which are as surrogate for their MDRO counterparts, are 4-log (99.99%) reduction within 10mins. The morphology of testing bacteria was analyzed by scanning electron microscope. Recent experiments revealed that the bactericidal effect on MDROs (i.e., MRSA, MRPA, VRE, and CRE) were 4-log (99.99%) reduction within 10mins as well. This technology can provide high bactericidal effect on MDROs and complement existing hospital practice to address an important public health problem.