(562ah) Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Waters By Insoluble CMC Bio-Polymer

Nazari, I. - Presenter, University of Tabriz
Vaezi, M., University of Tabriz
In this project, insoluble carboxymethyl cellulose adsorbent was used for removal of heavy metals including cadmium and Pb from aqueous environments. The results showed that the maximum removal of Pb and cadmium metal ions by insoluble carboxymethyl cellulose, was observed at reaction time of 24 hours, pH 2, and initial concentration of contaminant 200 ppm. While the temperature increasing did not significantly effect on the removal efficiency of cadmium and Pb ions. Also, insoluble carboxymethyl cellulose whit the same conditions is more capable for removing cadmium ions than Pb ions.

Keywords: Chemical Water Pollution, Pb, cadmium, insoluble carboxymethyl cellulose, Water Purification