(560eu) High Yield to Lower Hydrocarbon in FT Synthesis: Based on Melting Effects on Znfe Spinel

Song, W., Tsinghua University
Wang, H., Tsinghua University
Hou, Y., Tsinghua University
Chen, Z., Tsinghua University
Cai, D., Tsinghua University
Qian, W., Tsinghua University
Direct conversion of syngas represented one of the most important routes bridging the coal- or natural gas-based industry between the oil- based industry. In our research, the sodium promoted zinc iron spinel was developed, which is effective in converting syngas to lower hydrocarbon (mainly olefins). 95% conversion was achieved and the products were mainly in lower hydrocarbon, in which the selectivity below C5 reached 70%. The selectivity of methane was less than 17% and ratio of olefin to alkane reached 8. Combined with the characterization of DSC and in-situ XRD, it is concluded that the catalyst melts during the reaction and therefor achieves a higher mass transfer rate. According to the theoretical calculation, the sodium promotion changes the surface electronic environment, which facilitates the desorption of olefins during the chain growth process. Achieving higher reaction conversion and low carbon olefin yields provides favorable conditions for olefin enrichment and utilization.