(558az) Formulation of Complex Ionic-Liquids Electrolytes for High-Voltage Nanohybrid Supercapacitors

Zhang, H., Chinese Academy of Sciences
Pan, S., Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhang, S., Beijing Key Laboratory of Ionic Liquids Clean Process,CAS Key Labroratory of Green Process and Engineering, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Supercapacitors are being considered as the most promising energy storage devices for the efficient utilization of clean and renewable energy due to their high power density and ultralong cycle life. However, their broad applications are still being hindered by the lower energy density. Recent studies indicate that the energy density can be elevated by combining ionic liquids (ILs) and pseudocapacitive materials [1]. Nevertheless, there are some challenges awaiting for solution when combining pseudocapacitive materials and ILs. Adding organic solvents to ILs, functionalizing ILs with specific moieties, and modifying electrodes with nanocarbons are some effective strategies to overcome the above limitations.Our recent works indicate that some pseudocapacitive electrodes modified with carbon materials, including NiO/rGO, TiO2(B)@C/rGO, and T-Nb2O5/rGO, would exhibit enhanced performances when using ionogel electrolytes. Here we are going to present our findings related to the materials design principles and energy storage mechanisms [2-4]. The systematic modulation and optimization of the porous microstructures, nanocarbons, and combination types are critical for boosting the specific capacitance and rate capability. In addition, the formulation of lithium salts and ionic liquids play important role for the complete utilization of Faradaic and non-Faradaic contributions.


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