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(556a) Investigation of Process Techniques for Ga2O3 Based Diodes


Ren, F. - Presenter, University of Florida
Yang, J., University of Florida
Carey, P. IV, University of Florida
Fares, C., University of Florida
Xian, M., University of Florida
Pearton, S., University of Florida
Tadjer, M., Naval Research Lab
Monoclinic β-phase Ga2O3 has outstanding potential for power electronics, and high quality, large diameter bulk crystals and epitaxial layers of Ga2O3 are already available with a range of controllable n-type doping levels by edge-defined film-fed (EFG) growth using iridium crucibles, by Czochralski or by float zone. The direct energy bandgap of Ga2O3, ∼4.9 eV, yields a very high theoretical breakdown electric field (∼8 MV/cm). For power electronics, the Baliga figure-of-merit proportional carrier mobility, critical electric field and breakdown voltage, is almost four times higher for Ga2O3 than for GaN. Currently, the major limitation for Ga2O3 based device fabrication is the lack of low resistance Ohmic contacts, low damage dry etching process, and thermally stable Schottky contacts. In this work, we report a technique by employing Aluminum Zinc Oxide (AZO) to improve Ohmic contacts on Ga2O3, studies of etch rates and etching induced damages with Cl2/Ar and BCl3/Ar based discharge, surface treatment prior to Schottky metal deposition as well as Ni/Au and Pt/Au Schottky contacts, and demonstration of 2300 V breakdown voltage Ga2O3 Schottly diode.



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