(552c) The Effect of Wood Composition and Supercritical CO2 Extraction on the Charcoal Production

Trubetskaya, A. - Presenter, National University of Ireland Galway
Surup, G. R., University of Agder
Forsberg, F., Lulea University of Technology
Attard, T., University of York
Hunt, A., Khon Kaen University
Budarin, V., University of York
Abdelsayed, V., National Energy Technology Laboratory
Shekhawat, D., National Energy Technology Laboratory
This work demonstrated that the coupling of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction with slow pyrolysis is effective to remove over half of extractives from low quality wood and to generate biochar from remaining solid wood fractions. The high yields of extractives from supercritical carbon dioxide extraction illustrates the potential utilizing of low quality wood as an alternative feedstock for the sustainable production of value-added chemicals. Results showed that supercritical carbon dioxide extraction has neither a strong impact on the physical properties of original wood nor on the yield of solid biochar. These results are promising as they show that the biochar obtained for this renewable feedstock could be used as an alternative to fossil-based coke in applications including ferroalloy industries. Moreover, the heat treatment temperature and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction had a significant impact on the tar yields, leading to the increase in naphthalene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic and phenolic fractions with the greater temperature. The differences in gasification reactivity and dielectric properties of solid biochars, composition and yields of liquid products of non-treated pinewood and extracted wood fraction emphasize the impact of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction on the pyrolysis process.


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