(533g) Sticking Tendency Prediction of Pharmaceutical Powders | AIChE

(533g) Sticking Tendency Prediction of Pharmaceutical Powders


MacTaggart, C., Celgene
Guarino, C., Celgene
Li, J., Celgene
Sticking is one of the major issues in the pharmaceutical product development. Understanding what influences sticking in terms of process variables, material and microstructural properties and developing specialized techniques to correlate these variables with mechanical failures are practical interests of the pharmaceutical industry. In this talk, a nondestructive method to predict the sticking tendencies of pharmaceutical powders will be presented. Acceptance criteria of the Sticking Tendency has been proposed based on development and commercial manufacturing performance. These tools have been shown to correlate well with actual sticking performance of a diverse sample set. The developed predictive tool has potential to flag the risk of sticking issues and provide insight into the performance of common materials during formulation and process development.