(531e) Polymer Gas Separation Membranes Containing High Free Volume Elements and Ionic Liquids

Bara, J. E., University of Alabama
Kammakakam, I., University of Alabama
O'Harra, K. E., University of Alabama
Dennis, G. P., University of Alabama
This presentation will detail our development of new polymer architectures which contain high free volume elements (e.g., 6-FDA, spirobisindane, Tröger's Base, etc.) which are covalently bond to ionic groups forming gas separation membranes which not only can absorb ionic liquids (ILs) into their structures, but also align/rearrange in the presence of ILs. This "bottom-up" approach allows for high degrees of membrane tunability and influence/control over polymer nanostructure and associated performance with respect to gas separations involving CO2, N2, CH4, H2 and other species.