(527c) On the Use of Single, Dual and Three Process Langmuir Models for Gas Mixture Components That Exhibit Different Combinations of These Processes

Ritter, J. A., University of South Carolina
Ebner, A. D., University of South Carolina
Tynan, K. J., University of South Carolina
There are several interesting cases that arise when one of the components in a gas mixture is described by either the single process Langmuir (SPL) or dual process Langmuir (DPL) (LI) model and the other component is described by the three process Langmuir (TPL) model. These cases are very subtle and have never been addressed in the literature.

Methodologies will be presented based on three approaches to predict the mixed gas isotherms of a binary system, wherein one of the components is described by either the SPL or DPL model (usually the lighter component) and the other one is described by the TPL model (usually the heavier component). These approaches differ on whether the individual processes of the isotherms correlate in a perfect positive, perfect negative or unselective fashion. For these cases, a consistent set of single and binary isotherms from the literature that behave these ways are used as the basis for comparison to demonstrate these concepts.