(515d) Water Lean Amine-Based Solvents for Carbon Dioxide Capture | AIChE

(515d) Water Lean Amine-Based Solvents for Carbon Dioxide Capture


Koech, P. K. - Presenter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Nguyen, M. T., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Malhotra, D., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Glezakou, V. A., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Zheng, R., Pacific Northwest National Lab
Rousseau, R., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Carbon dioxide released from large point sources such as coal powered plants should to be captured, stored or utilized for environmental sustainability. In order to achieve this goal, many CO2 capture technologies have been developed, with the most advanced being aqueous amine-based solvent process. These aqueous amine solvents have low CO2-rich viscosity, fast kinetics, and favorable thermodynamics. Deployment of these aqueous amine solvents to market is limited by high regeneration temperature due to the high heat capacity of water. To address this limitation our group and others have developed water-lean solvent systems. PNNL has developed water-lean amine-based solvents utilizing key fundamental learnings from multiple solvent chemistries. These amine-based solvents have high gravimetric CO2 capacity (12-15 wt% ) and form liquid carbamates with significantly lower CO2-rich solvent viscosities (~100 cP) and were regenerated at low temperatures (80-100 °C). These solvents can be recycled over multiple CO2 absorption and regeneration cycles without significant evaporative loss or degradation. Herein we will discuss the molecular design, synthesis, characterization and testing of these amine solvents.