(499b) Automated Nanomole-Scale Platform for Rapid Screening and Optimization of Electroorganic Synthesis

Mo, Y. - Presenter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rughoobur, G., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lu, Z., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jensen, K. F., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Electroorganic synthesis has recently emerged as a powerful tool for synthetic chemists to access unprecedented transformations under mild, and environmentally friendly conditions. However, the vast parameter space and prolonged reaction time of electroorganic synthesis create challenges to discover, optimize, and understand newly developed electrochemistry.

Here, we demonstrate a fully automated droplet-based screening platform to enable rapid examination of the electrochemical reactions with nanomole amount of reagents, which can potentially facilitate the mechanistic understanding of the electrochemical systems. This platform achieved 10-fold increase in screening throughput compared to traditional batch screening approach. Electrochemical radical cross-coupling reactions are examined on this system. Additionally, we demonstrate the optimal electrochemical reaction condition obtained from the screening platform can be directly applied to the large-scale electrosynthesis to quickly access the desired substrate.