(478b) Lhasa Limited-Achieving Innovation through Collaborative Progress | AIChE

(478b) Lhasa Limited-Achieving Innovation through Collaborative Progress


Yeo, D. - Presenter, Lhasa Limited
Covey-Crump, L., Lhasa Limited
Heghes, C., Lhasa Limited
For many years, Lhasa Limited has been instrumental in setting up and chairing various pre-competitive consortia mainly within the pharmaceutical industry. These consortia allow various companies who usually compete against each other to come together and find solutions for problems which they commonly share. Such collaborations save time and costs, and the shared knowledge will contribute to advancements in the drug development process in general which ultimately will benefit patients worldwide.

Lhasa Limited was founded on the idea of sharing proprietary chemical data and knowledge in order to deliver mutual benefit to the scientific community. Founded as a not-for-profit organisation and educational charity, we pioneered precompetitive chemical data sharing for mutual benefit within chemistry and the life sciences. The data and knowledge shared with us was used to generate synthetic rules for the LHASA system that did not compromise the competitive advantage of the collaborating organisations whilst delivering mutual benefit for all. Since 1983 we have delivered solutions in the fields of toxicology, metabolism, degradation, and purge chemistry, through our world-leading software tools.


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