(472c) Advanced Li-Metal Batteries and Their Thermal Safety Aspects

Pol, V. G., Purdue University
Kim, P., Purdue University
Puthusseri, D., Purdue University
Advanced Lithium metal batteries experiences inherent concerns associated with poor Coulombic efficiency and the dendritic Li growth during repeated cycling. To significantly improve the cycle performance and electrochemical stabilities of Li metal electrodes, we designed multifunctional tri-layer membrane with polydopamine and a graphene-carboxymethyl cellulose on top of the standard polypropylene separator. The modified trilayer separator has an excellent electrolyte wettability, enhanced electrical conductivity and an additional capacity for Li storage. It ease the electrochemical reactions and kinetics in both the Li/Cu half-cell and the Li/LiFePO4 full cells. The temperature dependent electrochemical performance and its thermal safety features will be discussed in great details.