(463c) Honoring Rafiqul Gani: Properties Are Central to PSE | AIChE

(463c) Honoring Rafiqul Gani: Properties Are Central to PSE


O'Connell, J. P. - Presenter, University of Virginia
Over many years, Rafiqul Gani has evolved a comprehensive vision of process systems engineering. He has impacted all elements of concept, design, simulation, and analysis of process systems through numerous publications, leadership of centers for computer-aided process engineering, creation of computational frameworks, support of colleagues and coworkers around the world, and manifold service contributions to professional organizations.

From the beginning, a central Gani theme has been the fundamental role of physical and chemical properties in conceptualizing and evaluating opportunities and limitations for innovation in chemical and biological processing. Early on, Rafiqul recognized that the wise use of sufficiently accurate property models is essential for reliable process design and simulation. As a result, his creative PSE ideas have always been grounded in prediction and correlation, as well as implementation, of the relevant properties. Further, when faced with inadequate models, he devised new approaches that could be generalized for current and future applications.

This talk will highlight Rafiqul Gani’s work and impact in the properties area.