(378x) Apply Nanocomposite Material for Hydrogen Separation and Purification

Al-Naddaf, Q., Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rezaei, F., Missouri University of Science and Technology
In this study, various adsorbents with tailored Nano porosities have recently been developed as potential separation media for CO2/H2 and CH4/H2. Nanocomposites were prepared by two different sets of MOF-GO nanocomposites comprising of HKUST-1 and pristine GO, and reduced GO were developed by solvothermal method and their gas separation characteristics were assessed through static test which is high-pressure adsorption measurements and dynamic breakthrough test. We found that the GO well-dispersed MOF-GO that has Nano sized and induced by the incorporation of GO significantly developed the CO2, and CH4 capacities and CO2/H2 and CH4/H2 the selectivity performance of the nanocomposites. The nanocomposites obtained exhibited about a (20~35) % increase in CO2 and CH4 capacities than the bare MOF at 25 0C and 40 bar, the breakthrough test for binary gas mixtures which are 40%CO2/60%H2 and 20%CH4/80%H2 were also considered at different pressure for the all adsorbents. Lastly, the CO2/H2, and CH4/H2 selectivity’s were estimated according to single-component gas sorption experiment data. After knowing capacity, breakthrough time and selectivity will give us hints for the design and synthesis of Naonacomposite is promising candidate for industrial gas separation and purification processes.