(355f) Predicting the Performance of Lithium Metal Electrodes Stabilized By Polymer Electrolytes

Balsara, N. P., University of California, Berkeley
Maslyn, J., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
It is now commonplace to report the data obtained during cycling of symmetric lithium-electrolyte-lithium cells with solid polymer electrolytes. The parameter that is usually the focus is the number of cycles prior to cell failure. Quantitative prediction of cell failure is a daunting task. As a step toward that aim, we seek to predict the potential needed to cycle such cells at a function of the applied current density. We show that such predictions cannot be made on the basis of conductivity alone. The importance of complete characterization of polymer electrolytes will be discussed. This includes determination of the thermodynamic factor, salt diffusion coefficient and transference number using Newman’s concentrated solution theory. The connection between these parameters and dendrite growth is being explored. If new results are obtained, I will present them at the meeting.